This is the good stuff. The stories and articles to give you the confidence and tools to thrive in your career and your life

The is no single pathway for your career just as there are a million versions of success. The most important thing - is that you get to create your own version of both and have fun along the way. Whether you are at the start of your career or thinking of starting over we have support and guidance that will make you feel like you have your own wing woman at your beck and call.

Forget the expectations and opinions that drop into your inbox and your head every day. This is your life and in our humble opinion it should be yours to design - full of imperfect plans, failures, fabulousness and twists and turns. It's our job to help you navigate all of the above and still get up every day feeling like you are killing it

Everybody wants it, most of us think we don't have enough of it and it takes a lifetime (and a village) to build it. Yes, the elusive confidence that can trick us all into thinking we are not enough or imposters in our own lives. Well not any more - tear up the rule book and prepare for us to wrap ourselves around you as we bring you confidence content and tools that work from some of the wisest people on the planet right now

No one gets through this alone - we are talking about the wonder that is work and we think it is time that we shared some of the life hacks that will see you thrive. There is power to be had here so take your time - use our insights and start to build a career that makes you feel awesome every day

The world of work is changing and quite honestly that is not a bad thing - quite the opposite. But with change comes a need to keep on keeping on and your learning shouldn't stop in the classroom. With every career needing digital skills we want you to feel like a tech superhero armed full of tricks to tackle every role you take on

We don't know about you but sometimes we don't want to pick up a book in order to learn something new. So we turn to our trusty screens and have discovered that there is wisdom to be had and these are some of our chosen one's that have altered the course of our lives in some way. From TED talks to inspirational chats from creative pioneers like The Do Lectures we promise they will change your life as much as ours. Popcorn at the ready

The Cinema of Life

Be Unstoppable

We get it - we all have those days when we don't quite feel at our best and our mojo is well and truly hidden. It's allowed - but if you are in the market for a stellar boost to your confidence and to hear real stories from women who have paved their own career path then this is one of our faves.


The Importance of doing what you love - quiet inspiration from writer and painter Elle Luna who implores us to consider more deeply the things that we MUST do rather than what we feel we SHOULD do - it's a game changer.


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