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FDisruptors Launches

This week sees the launch of a new careers marketplace, FDisruptors, created by Founder Debbie Edwards. This is what she had to say about her 'why' behind building the business and how we need to change the conversations we are having around getting more female talent into tech.

Debbie Edwards Founder FDisruptors

Debbie Edwards is the founder and CEO of FDisruptors. Here she writes about her 'why' for starting the business and what drives her to accelerate diverse talent into tech and to help them to thrive.

Over 80% of the pioneers and role models on the platform will be women who are innovators ion their flield, whether that is fashion tech, health tech or tech for good, they have taken very different paths to get where they are and not all of them have technical backgrounds.

Debbie Edwards, Founder of FDisruptors said, "If we are to truly motivate girls and women to be curious about technology, aswell as pursue it as a career or business opportunity, then we need to bring tech, and the impact it is having in the world, into their every day lives. We have to join the dots between how they use it personally and how they could develop further knowledge and skills to open up opportunities that they may have previously ruled out."


She continues, "You can see from the stories on here that the stereotypes around tech careers and entrepreneurs don't apply anymore - times have moved on. It is vital that girls and women understand that tech is not just for geeks or those who have studied computing or maths. There is a whole new world of innovation out there and women are at the forefront of some of the most exciting tech companies on the planet

Who we work with and why?

Working with companies like EY the FDisruptors platform launches globally today and is also going directly into schools, colleges and universities for free. "It is vital that we start a different dialogue around careers in tech with young women at a much earlier age. Right now tech is seen as an 'opt in or opt out' option and quite often if they don't choose IT or computing at GCSE level they will not be exposed to tech skills again, possibly until after university."

This is no longer about choosing a career in tech. Tech will, on some level, influence every career in every sector from medicine to fashion and beyond, so we cannot afford for any young person to be left without access to knowledge and skills that ultimately make them highly employable.

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