Investing in emerging diverse human potential and accelerating female talent into tech across every sector

We work with ambitious organisations, large and small, who are clear on the value of diversity within their tech teams and who are intentional in their investment to achieve this. We work with them to engage, recruit and advance emerging female talent into entry level, apprentice, graduate and junior management opportunities in tech. Most of all we work with them to bring tech to life with a narrative that engages emerging talent and it works. To arrange a demo please contact us today.

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Attracting the best, most diverse, talent doesn't have a start and a stop date. Often it is a rolling challenge to engage, attract and advance great people into your business. So don't set limits on their potential or yours. We work with companies to creatively present their opportunities at times when female talent is also looking to be inspired not just hired - giving them the best of both worlds and keeping their employer brand up front and centre at all times. Take a look at our Be Inspired profiles then speak to us about how we can do this for you.

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With the need for intentional investment in diversity also comes a need for increased insights and understanding. We cannot rely on intuition or hope that the stats around women in tech will change on their own - we need to listen, respond and adapt to the changing world of work and invest heavily in understanding emerging female talent. That's where we come in - we listen, work with and speak to current and emerging female generations so that we can better understand their needs and build a powerful knowledge bank that helps us to support and understand the future workforce of tomorrow today.

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Your Employer Brand Matters

Grabbing the attention of tomorrows talent today requires an authentic and exciting approach. The FDisruptors platform brings your company DNA to life with a style led profile, snappy storytelling, sneak peeks behind the scenes, interviews and rich media assets that showcase your employer brand in a way that resonates with young women. Delivered globally online and directly into schools, colleges and universities your brand will not be missed

We are storytellers

Our storytellers bring tech opportunities to life with a new narrative for young women who are looking for their first job or that all important opportunity to advance their careers. We showcase the best Apprenticeships, Graduate positions, Entry Level jobs and Management career opportunities and work with leading Corporates, SME's and ambitious startups to bring diversity into their tech teams

FDisruptors delivers next generation digital recruitment and learning using tech to build the most confident, industry ready female workforce of the future. Female and style led, targeted directly to girls and young women at school, college, uni and beyond feeding your pre-hire engagement and live early years recruitment at the same time. All delivered 24/7 showcasing a diverse range of inspiring women and men in tech. Delivering videos, audio and compelling stories from role models across the globe. Use video to show them behind the scenes, tell them about their place in your world and use rich media tools to showcase you and your teams. It’s your spotlight – our early years talent teams help you to make the most of it.

How It Works

We know that in a world where companies fight for the attention of future tech talent it is more critical than ever to create an employer brand that stands out. We also know that creating more diverse teams delivers better products, increased creativity and greater commercial success. So what if your story became the one that changes how young women feel about tech - isn't that a story worth telling? We think it is essential to change the narrative around tech and we work with ambitious businesses across every sector to bring that to life in a way that resonates with young women. Sign up for our Employer Brand Insights today

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Our careers marketplace is delivered into schools, colleges and universities and we work in close partnership with education establishments across the UK to provide access to learning and opportunities for all. This means that your employer brand and opportunities reaches them at a time when they are making some of their biggest decisions and that matters. If girls and women are really going to make the move into tech they need to see more diverse role models and career pathways sooner than they currently are. See how we work in partnership with education.