Educating, inspiring and advancing the female tech innovators of tomorrow

Creating more diversity in tech is vital

The statistics speak for themselves - over 90% of jobs in the future will require some level of technical skills yet today 83% of women and girls are still not taking advantage of the opportunities to work in this creative and innovative space. 

There are millions of opportunities in technical roles across every sector that they are also missing out on. From fashion to health, medicine, law, beauty and finance to name a few - there is not a single sector that is not influenced by technical innovation and it is time that tech opportunities are presented in a way that shows them how they could be part of something that is shaping our world.

They need to see what they can be

Most vital is the need to bring tech into their EVERYDAY world showcasing the amazing talents of the female innovators, makers, creators and inventors of some of the most spectacular tech making the most amazing impact in the world. Not the 'opt in' or 'opt out' approach to tech that we have had previously as this is not working and with the rate of opening opportunities in tech only rising there is a serious mindset shift that needs to happen. This starts with getting them curious, seeking out the individuals and projects that will make their hearts beat a little faster and their aspirations for what they are capable of move a little higher. This will see us bringing tech into context within the classroom and on the go so that they can see exactly what they can be 24/7.


However, they will not be any ordinary stories - they will cover everything they are currently in to like music, fashion, activism and add a glimpse into the fascinating worlds of Artificial Intelligence, Bio Tech, Food Tech and Fem Tech to name a few. They will feel new, relevant and they will ultimately show the important impact of tech for good. When they see how tech can change the world they will want in - and after that there will be no stopping them.

Built with the needs of education, employers and young women in mind we deliver next generation insights, technology and training to build the most confident, industry ready female workforce of the future through direct, mobile and on demand resources, driving them to become purposeful tech innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow with a portfolio of digital skills that are world class. Speak to us about how we can bring this innovation into your school.

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We are not here to tell young women that they need to go into tech - let's be honest - it is still going to be a tricky option until there is much more diversity. This is why we need to do more - we nurture young female talent, increasing their confidence, digital skills and aspirations and match that with ambitious organisations who are truly investing in diversity and global human potential. We seek out and find the most diverse role models that are creating the tech wonders that are going to make them sit up and see what they can be.

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We have reimagined tech and use the power of storytelling to ignite curiosity around the innovations in tech that are shaping every career. We seek out global, cutting edge, hidden stories of inspiration and achievement so that they can see what they can be. We will also be delivering training built to strengthen and enhance their confidence and self-belief and enabling them to develop a comprehensive high level suite of personal, digital and employability skills prior to entering the workplace.

Confidence and Self Belief matters

There is no single solution to bridging the gender gap in tech - but there is one universal truth - that confidence and self belief, or the lack of it, can have an enormous impact on the career choices of young women. Going into an industry that is not yet fully diverse will bring its own challenges which is why we need to do more - more support with self belief, helping them to navigate their careers in this multi-hyphen world, teaching the skills of today and tomorrow and plotting a future together that focuses on strength and individual development before they reach the workplace. 

Nobody gets left behind

We are digital storytellers, confidence boosters and virtual coaches and whilst we do run 'in person' events our presence and influence online will be at the heart of what we do and for good reason. Emerging generations live online, and for that reason we are building a platform that is based on providing each and every person with the right tools, resources and access to critical insights that will give all of them a head start.

Making this freely available online 24/7 means that no one gets left behind and with your support in the classroom bringing our content to life we can work in partnership to ensure that everyone, no matter what gender or background, has the chance to find their purpose and create a future free from limitations. We believe that tech can bring us closer to this reality but it is going to need vision, magic and collaboration - we're good at that.

Alternate Pathways

We love education, training and lifelong learning - but we also love that the world of work is changing and tech plays a huge part in that. The 9-5 has altered across many sectors. There are now digital nomads, Generation z'ers who are already planning for their multi-hyphen careers and visionaries who run businesses online that are changing the planet. We applaud these changes but one thing we also know is that we have to get better at preparing our young folk for it too.


Exploring alternate pathways allows everyone to design a future that suits them - if that means going to Uni then great but if it doesn't then tech opportunities provide so many alternate options. Apprenticeships, Degree Apprenticeships, traineeships, entry level jobs and being your own boss are just some of the amazing opportunities available - they just need to be brought to life in a way that grabs the attention of emerging talent.


Making the opportunities in tech visible and accessible bringing them the best pathways for apprentice, graduate and entry level careers and opportunities from ambitious companies from across the globe. More than that, we show them the pathway then build their skills to get there.

How It Works

Our resources, content and opportunities are developed and sourced with the needs of young women in mind. We are mapping future skills and career advancements in tech to ensure there is a broader understanding of the opportunities available for every young woman and that it is delivered directly to them at a critical time in their decision making.

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It all started with 10 young women who stepped up for the opportunity of a lifetime and ended up teaching us more than we taught them. For four months we learned from each other - us listening and challenging - them absorbing and growing. The results of our four month pilot were staggering and have informed our vision and mission for years to come. They are amazing young women who just needed to be shown just how much potential they had and once we did that there was no stopping them.