The Power Of Mobile Tech

Tapping into the power of mobile and SMS messaging their team have created a global support network for small independent farmers. So if you are a farmer in Kenya and want to know how to raise rabbits or you own a small chicken farm in Baringo there is someone, somewhere in the world who will be able to help.

When there are 500 million small holder farmers who live on less than 1$ a day you start to see how tech can become so critical to their livelihood.

The Internet For People With No Internet

No, we can't imagine it either. We are privileged in the western world to have access to the internet and technology in abundance - but this is not the case for everyone and this can create serious barriers for people living in that situation. 

Founded by Claire Rhodes and Kenny Ewan this is tech without the need for internet access but their low tech approach is serving farmers well. However, there is nothing low tech behind the scenes - it is slick and responsive and is fuelled by data so that millions of messages can be transmitted and replied to across the globe.

This is a mix of smart high and low tech linked to a creative vision that is changing the lives and the livelihoods of thousands of small farmer in developing countries. 

The amazing thing is that knowledge will breed more knowledge - who knew that SMS texting was still cool.

"We are the internet for people with no internet. In five years time we hope to have changed the face of communication systems in the developing world, to change people's perception of knowledge in developing countries and to have supported 10m farmers to improve their livelihood"
CEO We Farm - Kenny Ewan


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