Project Hello World

If you live in the western world you may be watching or reading about this on some tech device at home or at work that you simply take for granted. The other thing that we might take for granted - our access to education and learning that is offered and given so freely throughout our lives. But what about those people who don't have the same access? Well Project Hello World are looking to radically change that one tech hub at a time

Project Hello World, founded by Katrin Macmillan and Roland Wells in 2013 are on a mission to bring communities across the globe increased access to internet connectivity, access to information and educational resources and the chance to build a better future. They do this by helping communities to build solar powered outdoor internet kiosks and it seems to be working.

The Impact

Working with some of the most marginalised communities on earth with the hubs offering free access to online learning to people of all ages. 75% of all Hello Hub users are of school age and 25% of these have no access to alternate schooling. On average the hub is used by the community nearly 19 hours per day which gives us an indication of how powerful this access is.

The best thing - is their involvement of the community from design to development and beyond and you can see from the videos the difference this makes to how involved the communities are. From children to grandparents, people in education and people living on the streets - there are no barriers to who gains access to the hub and this is one of their biggest achievements. When we talk about access to opportunities Project Hubs provide some of the widest and most diverse access that we have ever seen and they are an absolute inspiration to us.

They were one of the first Tech for Good projects that we laid eyes on and we have seen them go from strength to strength - we cannot wait to see what happens next.



From her time in Ethiopia and what influenced her to how the hubs are changing the lives of the people in the communities in which they are built - it is fascinating to hear about the impact they are having on education in some of the most marginalised communities across the globe.

"Our hello hubs run world class educational software that's up to date with the rest of the world. That means our kids can follow a curriculum, get qualified and keep up with children anywhere in the world no matter where they live. Time to close that gap for good"
Katrin Macmillan - Project Hello World Co founder


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