Teenage Mental Health & Wellbeing

Described as a safe social media solution to improve teenage wellbeing we think the amazing folk behind app MeeTwo are seriously underplaying the impact it could have on improving the mental health and lives of young people.

With rising concerns over mental health in young people MeeTwo are tackling a growing issue, not just by using tech, but also by creating a neutral space built on peer to peer support and expert help. With suicide now the biggest cause of death for young men and women in the UK there has never been a better time to look to tech to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Founded by Dr Kerstyn Comley and Suzi Godson this moderated app has built a positive space to share feelings, fears and issues safely and privately and we love their focus on creativity as a way of expressing yourself visibly, as well as verbally. As a mobile first app they can reach everyone with a smartphone and provide that all important feeling of safety and security with expert help and support on hand.

This is no run of the mill app - with the smart integration of artificial intelligence and use of data they are able to fast track NHS treatment for the most vulnerable and in some cases identify in advance teenagers who are most at risk before it reaches crisis point.

This level of support and intervention is timely and vital and with a target of reaching and supporting 1m teenagers over the next 5 years we are fully behind them.


Highlighting the range of pressures and questions posed by young people this is a fantastic video showing us why this app is so needed

"Both the UN and the World Health Organisation recognise that declining youth mental health is a fundamental global challenge. Improving mental health earlier in life unlocks young people's potential so that they and their communities can shape a better future"
MeeTwo App Co - Founder Suzi Godson
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