Little Sun Global Impact

It is exactly what is says it is, a little sun, but its impact for over 1 million people across the globe is huge and this is just one of the innovative products designed by this visionary company with a huge heart.

Founded by Artist, Olafur Eliasson and Engineer Frederik Ottesen, Little Sun is a company with a big mission and an even bigger belief that everyone deserves access to energy, because when they have that it gives them the chance to improve health, education, gender equality and the environment. The ingenious part is that they are using power from the ultimate energy source – the sun.

Their Mission

We adore their simple yet amazing observation that we are all connected under the sun and so why not use that as a way to change the world.

Okay, here’s what they are aiming for. 

To reduce CO2 emissions by using solar energy.

To give a brighter future to kids off grid the power of education. How? By giving them light in the evenings to do their homework and to read as well as solar phone chargers so that students can learn and stay connected.

Give access to sustainable energy for all – access to clean energy improves so many other things, jobs, security, education and health to name but a few and Little Sun are supporting the United Nations (UN) sustainable development energy goals for all campaign with the aim of bringing universal access to sustainable energy.

It is no small mission and most recently they have partnered with one of our favourite retailers who also have a big heart (and amazing meat balls, Dime bar cake … we could go on!) Ikea.

If you are sitting right now with access to electricity, unlimited lighting then you will understand the need to give the gift of light to all but they are not stopping there - they are now taking their mission and using it to tackle climate change. We love Little Sun - the world needs more Little Suns.



Bringing equality to energy is no mean feat but Little Sun are doing it beautifully.

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"Our actions have consequences for the world. Little Sun is a wedge that opens up the urgent discussion about bringing sustainable energy to all from the perspective of art to raise awareness about the unequal distribution of energy today"
Little Sun Founder - Olafur Eliasson
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