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Goodr App

How it works

Goodr is an App that re directs surplus food from businesses and restaurants, hospitals and schools and anywhere where there is surplus to non-profits within the community who can then distribute the food to those in need - the homeless, low income families and the elderly.

It is mind blowing that Goodr tackles not just one but two of the biggest issues facing society today - food waste and food scarcity, and with over 72 billion tonnes of food waste in the US alone Crowe is determined to do more. 

This particular tech warms our hearts - Crowe has managed to bring tech and human connection together to solve two global issues and the facts around that are quite startling. 218bn is spent each year to produce, transport and dispose of food we will never eat. Food waste has increased 50% since the 1970's and now take up 27% of the space in landfill producing harmful methane gas that impacts our planet.

Her ability to see two problems that could solve each other is inspirational, and the impact that this could have on the environment and each local community across the US is endless.

Goodr also uses the blockchain (more on that coming soon) which logs every single transaction and tracks the journey of food from supplier to those who receive it meaning that they can see it gets into the hands of those who need it most.

In February 2018 they were accepted into the Techstars Accelerator with their goal to expand to other US cities and globally - since then they have gone from strength to strength and we cannot wait to see the impact this app could have in the future.

"No one should ever have to decide if food will be a necessity in their household. 72bn pounds of good food goes to waste every year in the US alone. How can we get all of this wasted food to those who suffer from food insecurity"
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Goodr App Founder - Jasmine Crowe


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