Girl Effect

Impacting the lives of women globally

Think of what your mobile can do – amazing selfies, fab filters and apps to help you with just about every part of your life from sleep to shopping. So what if you had little or no access to technology and you lived in a place where as a woman your voice was not often heard.

Would you feel isolated, shut off, invisible? Would you be able to live life to your full potential if you weren’t truly connected in your community and to the world around you?

In the most severe situations this is exactly what happens and innovative tech charity Girl Effect has set its sights on tackling some of the most challenging issues facing young women across the globe today and they are using the power of technology to do it.

This is not a small charitable project – Girl Effect are impacting millions of lives using the power of mobiles, tech, research and data which is giving the women they work with a voice and a platform for affecting change in their lives and communities. Like us, they believe that when you empower young women and help to change the lens through which they see themselves then magic can happen – and it has.

Their mission

Tackling hard hitting issues from HIV awareness to violence and equality they have developed brands like Zathu, tackiling HIV awareness and aimed at inspiring behaviour change amongst adolescent girls and young women in Malawi. This has already reached 6.7m Malawians and has done this by creating positive role models and encouraging equal positive relationships between girls and boys

However, this is no public service announcement - they create characters that are believable, story lines that people can relate to and focus on comms on an entertainment level despite the seriousness of the topic.

In doing so they can also tackle much wider issues such as gender equality, safety, education and economic empowerment of girls and women.

They are also changing access to mobile phones for girls by working with the Vodafone Foundation but most importantly they are listening to girls, asking more about what they need and then co-creating solutions that really do have the chance to significantly change or imrove lives.

Take a look at how their technology and vision are changing lives.


Take a look at the impact they can have working with the Vodafone Foundation

"When you place the power of education in the hands of a girl then you give her the chance to empower a nation"
Girl Effect
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