The Favalley Mission

Built whilst studying for her doctorate at the department of electrical engineering at the University of Cambridge and her ambitions to change the world are close to our hearts.

A keen advocate for empowering socially disadvantaged children around the globe, especially girls, Niki plans to use Favalley (and her new artificial intelligence business Wuki) to create opportunities for all and quite honestly we are in awe of her.

It shows what can be achieved when you have access to tech and the imagination to see how it can tackle some of the biggest global problems. For her, it is a personal mission and one which can provide a lifeline one individual at a time.

"Favalley prioritises social impact for the urban poor. It aims at raising income in crowded slums. our solution creates large scale educational and employment opportunities that empower broader inclusion, gender equality and better connectivity"
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Nikita Hari - Co founder Favalley


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