Beyond Meat

How it works

Founded by CEO Ethan Bown this is not just about the food we eat but just as much about how it is produced and the bigger more global effects on the planet – I’m not sure we have ever thought about the cost of how our food is produced on such an enormous scale so we are newbies to this tech sector (we won’t assume you don’t know as you may be a plant based food global impact kinda person!)

This is a movement that could completely transform food production, food consumption and the wider benefits for the planet. Take a listen to CEO Ethan to hear how they plan to make this happen with their team of tech, health, chem and research experts are working hard to make meat products taste like the real thing. It is a big ask but we cannot wait to hear more.



How CEO Ethan Brown talks us through his tech inspiration and how he has used tech to move plant based meat further on than it has ever been before.

"A study by the world bank put the contribution of livestock to greenhouse gasses at 51%. As soon as I started thinking about this in those terms i had to make this change and change how we raise and consume protein"
Beyond Meat Founder - Ethan Brown
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