The story of Andiamo

Andiamo was born out of a personal tragedy that saw founders Samiya and Naveed determined to help thousands, if not millions, of other families and children and bring a more efficient and patient focused orthotics solution to the world using tech.

Their son Diamo had been born with Cerebal Palsey and wore several orthosis, however the orthotics system at that stage was extremely difficult to navigate and their desire for an improved service for other families like them was born.

Their mission is to have an impact on every child in the world who needs and orthosis. Reducing costs and most importantly waiting time, will improve the quality of life for families and children all across the globe.

Beautiful tech designing life changing orthotics

We first met one of the co-founders of Andiamo, Samiya Parrez, on the 5050 tech challenge in Newcastle. As she prepared to go on stage she put on what we thought was a beautifully crafted 3D printed corset – it turned out to be one of their amazing corset support garments that has used technology to bring it to life.

Honestly, it was gorgeous, and nothing like the support garments of old that were so much more clinical in their design. This was stylish and creative and it is this that has set them apart in pioneering a new way of looking at Orthotics/Orthosis.

Andiamo is part of a healthtech industry that is being transformed by imagination, tech and 3D printing and as you can see the results are amazing and the impact they are having on the lives of individuals is completely transformational. We think we need to let the tech speak for itself – take a little look at just some of the lives that have been changed by this innovative tech.


How Andiamo founders Samiya and Naveed channelled a family tragedy into innovation by creating high tech orthosis solutions for disabled children and families.

"Andiamo delivers a medically effective orthosis within two weeks of a persons need globally. Using big data, 3D printing and an advanced clinical service that puts families first, reducing the wait time for an orthosis from months to weeks"
Andiamo Co Founder - Samiya Parvez
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