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Described as the only virtual clinic dedicated to women’s and family health. This is certainly one hell of a disruptive company to watch. Launched in 2014 by CEO Katherine Ryder, Maven is on a mission to empower women to take control of their health and wellness by giving them better information and give them access to the best women and family health providers. Our only disappointment is that is not in the UK – yet.

Tech dedicated to female and family health

Their female only focus is something we applaud. Not because we don’t regard the health needs of our male counterparts’ but more because there are a myriad of health needs that women face that could absolutely be better. Everything from emotional support, pregnancy, fertility childbirth, menopause and general wellness.

They are all personal to each and everyone of us and Maven is determined to expand past the “usual” healthcare approach and look at our whole selves. It’s revolutionary and this approach includes access to therapists, nutritionists and even career coaches, which can be accessed via video chat or messaging day or night.

They have been voted one of the worlds most innovative companies for 2018 and have recently secured a further $27m to help hundreds of thousands more women and families access their innovative support.

This is healthcare for the modern family, our talented female workforce and is the starting point for developing health and wellbeing from home to work and beyond.

Ryder gets it – she recently had two children herself whilst building Maven and has benefited first hand from the kind of support Maven offers. As she rightly recognises – most women, no matter what stage they are at, just need to know they can reach out for help at any time.

It’s not rocket science, but it is absolutely revolutionising the female health space – their new Maven Milk Service, even offers breast milk shipping so that working Mums can get breast milk home to baby – that alone gets serious kudos from us.

Not only that but their social impact around female health extends beyond their customers as they team up with charities like The Children's Village in NYC to give personal healthcare to a group of homeless teen mothers through the Maven Foundation.

Take a look at how tech is powering a female health revolution.

"Maven is built on the belief that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury, and every woman and family deserves access to high quality care"
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Maven Founder - Katherine Ryder
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