How it works

Immersive tech is one of those fantastic companies that not only fall into the tech for good category but are also pioneers in the VR and health tech space. A recent finalist in the ‘one to watch’ category at the Talent Unleashed Awards they are certainly on a mission to change the lives of patients who need rehabilitation and are using tech to transform how that happens.

Their founder if a phenomenal woman, Dr Isabel Van De Keere, and as with so many great tech ideas the business was formed after Isabel went through a long physical rehab period after an accident in 2010.

Powered by science and tech

So here is the science and tech bit – Isabel and her team create physical rehabilitation exercises in Virtual Reality. Not only are they seriously making changes to how patients recover but they are doing it by making it fun.

Their virtual reality platform lets patients enter into a virtual 3D world, mimicking actions that they might not be able to do but tricking the brain into thinking it can – it is proven science and we cannot wait to see the results. 

"As a kid I was really passionate about science, engineering, medicine and space and I really wanted to pursue something in those areas in my career. I decided to combine both and become a bio medical engineering scientist"
Immersive Rehab Founder - Isabel Van De Keere
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