Creative Visionaries

You might as well sit down for this one. No seriously - there are some brands within the tech space that are completely smashing it but Holition seem to be taking tech to a whole new level and we are blown away by their vision and fierce creativity when it comes to all things fashion tech, augmented reality, 3D and a whole host of other immersive and creative tech in between.

Launched over 10 years ago by founder and CEO Jonathan Chippindale they are an award winning digital creative studio specialising in emerging technologies. Decribed as part think tank part digital studios Holition craft bespoke experiences for leaders across the luxury, fashion and beauty industries (think Hermes, Farfetch and Charlotte Tilbury) and are building the future of retail experiences.

Creating The Future With Top Brands

Not only are they an award winning multi talented team they manage to bring tech and the human experience closer together. From augmented lipstick apps with Charlotte Tilbury to virtual tech projects with Alexander McQueen there doesn't seem to be an area of retail that they cannot reimagine.

It is no surprise - their team list is impressive and is not the usual mix of suspects (which we love). Describing themselves as a synthesis of retail scientists, film makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers and other curious minds they are no doubt creating careers of the future too. 

Ok we are off as it's all been a bit too exciting - time for a nap in an immersive augmented booth for us.

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