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Oh Glossier, you make our lives feel a bit shinier, giving us regular virtual hugs that make us glow from within. With your shiny cult beauty products and Insta worthy brand image would anyone even realise that this is a digital and tech powered business and when we say powered we mean seriously turbo charged 100%.

Dreamt up by Founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, she has built it up to be more than a cult beauty brand with a following of adoring and loyal fans who seem to devour every product she launches.

Beauty powered by tech

Emily used tech right from the start, launching her blog “Into the Gloss” in 2010, which became the go to site to find out about the next big beauty must have.

Weiss felt that the beauty industry had thrived on making women feel bad and selling them over priced products that don’t deliver but Weiss, just want to make you feel good – well hallelujah to that!

Whilst feel good beauty is their key product and home, tech gives them the platform to reach the masses – a blog celebrating beauty of all kinds, an Instagram account that reaches 1.1m people and now an investment in their technology and Teams. This means they can get closer to understanding their fans even more, using data to help them redefine beauty for everyone. Definitely one of our beauty tech heroines!


Beauty Tech CEO Emily Weiss talks candidly about what it takes to build a cult beauty brand.


A little bit longer than our usual videos but we promise you - if you are interested in business, tech, beauty and inspirational women doing their thing then this is worth your time.

"What Glossier has to say about Glossier is actually far less relevant than what our customer has to say about Glossier. We are one voice among many and that's the way we want it"
Glossier Founder - Emily Weiss
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