Prepare To Be Inspired

100% ethical and sustainable and a creation that has never been seen before. Oh, no need to fast forward because this is happening now, and it is already changing the face of fashion tech and bio engineered fabric for good.

Enter Bolt Threads our latest science crush who make us want to throw away all of our polyester (no great loss) and replenish it with stylish bio engineered yarns that have been born out of science and technology. So pull up a chair as we need to cover the science bit.

The Science Bit

Firstly they studied the silk proteins found in nature (spider silk, silk worms). Next they developed the proteins by putting the genes into yeast, sugar and water. Not spiders, just creative scientists, researchers and technologists and this is just the start.

It sounds futuristic, but it is already happening in a lab in San Francisco and you get to witness history in the making. With collaborations with the Museum of Modern Art and sustainable and ethical fashion guru Stella McCartney you get the feeling that this company is just getting started. How and where they could take this kind of bio engineered fabric is mind blowing and their recent colab with their associates over at Modern Meadow have seen them produce bags made out of bio engineered (man made) leather as a starting point.

Bolt Threads are just one example of a new wave of companies challenging previous, unsustainable practices sround fashion and waste and they are using technology to do it. The impact this tech will have on the planet is huge and we are excited to see what they will do next.

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