How it works

Led by Materials Alchemist Lauren Bowker, The Unseen brings talented folk together who are anatomists, engineers, chemists and cutters all with one synced vision – that knowledge creates magic.

They share our belief - where there is magic there is possibility and in the case of The Unseen they are pushing the boundaries of tech, form, colour and science in ways that excite us a lot.

Tech and science powered

They have transferred this innovation and creativity across industries like, fashion with fabric and leather, automotive, health and have developed, products that respond to the environment such as hair dye that changes colour and other products that are responsive to the human condition either emotionally or physically.

The really interesting thing is Lauren’s desire to ultimately change peoples lives and the world in which we exist.

You know we like short snappy content but for this one we have included a link to Lauren’s TEDTalk because quite frankly, you really need to see what these guys are up to.

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