Snap Fashion

How it works

While many brands were still building companies that made your search through the rails Jenny Griffiths knew that was a better way. Fast forward to her post computer science grad days and her intuition drove her to look at how tech could solve your style dilemmas. Very cleverly they created an app that allows you to search for you next fashion fix using pictures – yes, we know sounds obvious does it not- as who is not inspired by the images on Insta and Snapchat?

The thing we love the most is that it allows us to find high end looks on a budget too. So, tech, that acts like personal stylist whilst you sit with a cuppa taking inspiration from Insta or any other photo – what more could you want? The app then scans the latest fashion collections from hundreds of retailers, like Topshop, ASOS, Farfetch and Boohoo and boom, you can be outfit ready in a few clicks.

All we can say is Phew! With the amount of festivals, celebrations, weekends away we’ve got planned we are going to need some serious tech help. Get snapping style lovers!


No more empty baskets here as Snap Fashion, created and built by computer scientist, Jenny Griffiths, OBE/MBE is the fashion tech app built to make your style dreams come true and all using the wonders of technology.

"I see Snap Fashion as a discovery engine rather than a search engine. The whole point of search engines is that you find exactly what you are looking for whereas what we are trying to do is use the real world as inspiration and then let you discover your own kind of style"
Snap Fashion CEO - Jenny Griffiths
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