Modern Meadow

How It Works

Ok we are the first to admit it, we all love our leather goods. But lately we have become more conscious, and savvy, about where they come from and how they are made. With more of us choosing to be vegan and more aware of the treatment of animals we couldn't be more delighted to see that tech is helping to make this more humane and giving a serious nod to protecting the environment.

The Science Bit

Enter Modern Meadow, a new Bio-tech company that has managed to biofabricate (stay with us - it's just simple science really) leather without animals. Based in Brooklyn they are growing leather in labs without harming any animalsĀ  - ok it's time for the science bit.

Done by bio-engineering a strain of yeast that when fed sugar produces collagen, which is then purified, assembled and tanned to create a material that looks and feels like leather. Phew. Same results no cruelty.

Their team is serious about moving the world to a future where the leather products we consume are totally animal free and with this new technology they can start to reimagine what this looks and feels like in ways that the world has not seen yet.

Let your mind wander about the possibilities of working for a business like this - where creativity, fashion and art meet science and tech and spanning industries from sports to automotive and luxury. It is biotech at its best.


"Everyday is a new discovery, it's an adventure. Leather might be our first step but there is going to be a range of new discoveries at Modern Meadow"

"There's a benefit to the consumer, a benefit to the manufacturer, no animals were harmed and you get to keep your planet"
Suzanne Lee - Chief Creative Officer Modern Meadow
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