Evelyn & Bobbie

Tech Making Underwear Feel Seamless

Described as an apparel tech bra business Evelyn & Bobbie was founded by Bree McKeen with a mission to make stylish underwear using 3D technology and single handedly getting rid of decades of discomfort.

More than that, they want to use technology to simply make our lives better and girls - we all know a well fitted bra can certainly do that. A round of applause for the tech please.

Tech Revolutionising Lingerie

What they don't know about our bodies doesn't count. Throwing out the old ways of designing bra's (think badly fitted thick material held together by wire - note to self, what were we thinking) they use 3D intelligence tech and smart algorithms to provide a virtual bra fitting to suit each individual body.

Everything is in some way scientifically engineered - from they way they look at our physiology to the innovative materials, data science and 3D unique fit system. They think we have better things to think about than our bras and they are right.

"Evelyn & Bobbie is the first company to architect the bra with your body and your physiology in mind. We have used the most innovative materials, data science and the highest quality fabrics. Then we use 3D technology to build our own unique system"
Bree McKeen Co Founder Evelyn & Bobbie
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