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Using tech to challenge the ethics of an entire industry

We just love it when tech allows innovators to re imagine products using science and improves the ethics of an entire industry. With investors like Leonardo De Caprio and showcasing their diamonds at Fashion Week we don't think it will be too long before we are all wearing lab grown gems and quite frankly - we can't wait.

The science bit

Creating jewels via plasma reactors Diamond Foundry uses technology to mimic the outer core of the sun and produce the exact replica of a diamond and all done without any of the ethical issues that surround the mining of natural diamonds. Their man (tech) made diamonds are built atom by atom in a lab and this is where our love of tech takes hold. In this instance tech can help to create the same precious gems without any of the ethical, human rights or child labour issues and we think that is super smart.

"Our diamonds create a first class alternative to mined diamonds and we are finding a lot of people are interested in a product that is 100% ethical and has none of the issues associated with mined diamonds"
xxx co founder - Diamond Foundry
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