Birdsong DNA

What we love most about Birdsong most is their choices about not only what they use tech for but also what they don't.


They don't use tech to re-touch, photoshop, alter or edit  in anyway the images of the amazing women wearing the beautiful clothes that they create. They do use tech to shoot real women, in real situations and then place those untouched images on an authentic website that celebrates uniqueness in every way.


One of our favourites - their 'Queen Of The World' shoot. It touched our hearts and made us see that technology can truly shape and re-define our perception of beauty and ethical e-commerce. No sweatshops, no photoshops - aint that something.


But they are not stopping there - their choice in collaborators are first class, from t shirt campaigns to raise awareness of mental health with with insta poet Charly Cox to achingly cool pop up shops with Beyond Retro and the latest dream team evening with period pants company Thinx all to raise awareness and money to end period poverty.


This is not a brand that is active without a cause - far from it. Social impact is in their DNA and each thoughtful partnership, collaboration and event reaches thousands of individuals who make up their very loyal community. Their ethical approach to fashion production is inspiring - working with groups of migrant seamstresses and knitting grannies there is intentional action as they bring their fashion collections to life, connecting worker to wearer, in a sustainable and impactful way.


We need to stop as we might be making them blush but take a little look for yourselves - we dare you not to be impressed.

"The advantages of changing your shopping habits if you are a high street shopper and you like the thrill and the newness of something, for me, saving up and buying one thing that you absolutely love, that fits you like a glove, that's going to last forever because the quality is amazing and it's got a beautiful story behind it gives me more of a thrill now than buying a new thing every week"
Birdsong Co Founder - Sophie Slater
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