Reversing poverty one job at a time

There is no doubt that you will have noticed that our tech for good stories are powerful. This is tech that changes lives, alters humanity, shapes economies and breathes life where previously there may not have been hope. One of the most powerful stories is about Samasource, a tech for good company, who have used innovation and tech to impact the lives of thousands of people since 2008 in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti.


The statistics speak for themselves - over 10,000 workers employed, over 41,000 lives and families transformed and providing skilled digital talent to some of the biggest tech names in the industry. Take a look at how they have changed the life of Martha.

The Samasource Mission

Founded in 2008 by CEO Leila Janah their mission is simple - they believe that giving meaningful work is the best solution to reversing global poverty and it seems to be working on a massive scale. By providing digital skills training individuals can gain access to internet based work that pays a living wage and through their #givework model Samasource have lifted over 50,000 people out of poverty.



Yes we are fans of short videos but this Ted Talk is worth setting more than ten minutes aside for as we hear from the founder of Samasource, Leila Janah, talking about the future of work and just how far we have to go before we truly democratise opportunity to meaningful work.

"We still live in a world where 4 billion people live on less than $4 a day. Can you imagine life on that kind of paycheck? Forget 3 meals, you would be lucky to afford one and your life would last on average 25 years less than it would if you lived in a rich country"
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Leila Janah - Founder Samasource


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