Anouk Wipprecht

A Life Less Ordinary

She has never respected the status quo and quite frankly we love her for it but this is not tech or fashion as we know it. Take one look at Anouke Wipprechts Spider dress to see how.

Wipprecht is a designer, engineer, educator and influencer, creating innovations that may soon completely shift the role that garments play in our lives. Describing herself as a curious, stubborn individual Wipprecht travels to labs across the globe on a mission to create new ways that we can interface with the world around us and is a visionary in the world of fashion tech.

Tech Couture for Wellbeing

A dress that can breathe, sense your mood, create more personal space or are so in tune with your physical and mental state that it can influence your wellbeing? 

Hey, we all love our clothes but what if they could love you back ? Seriously, this level of relationship with the garments in your wardrobe isn’t too far off and Anouk Wipprecht is at the forefront of this technological couture. 

She takes her designs beyond fashion to assess the impact of stress, how we connect in the world, our physical and mental wellbeing - the big stuff - and creates products that assess brain waves and heartbeats and incorporates robotics to change how we interact.


With dresses that react to your own need for personal space and wearbles that can acknowledge your stress levels this is fashion tech and smart fabrics at the cutting edge of innovation.

"I am at the intersection of fashion design, of engineering, of science and I interweave all these disciplines and take something from every one of them in order to explore new possibilities"
Fashion Tech Hero
Fashion Tech - Anouk Wipprecht


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