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In 2017 Adidas announced their partnership with Parley for the Oceans in a bid to turn plastic into high performance products. This has already allowed 1m pairs of stylish sneakers to be made from recycled plastics and in 2018 this is expected to hit 5 million pairs sold.

It is part of a new wave of consciousness largely led by you - the innovators of tomorrow, in your desire to leave a more ethical footprint each time you run, walk or just simply look stylish.

With emerging tech innovation fashion does not have to come at any cost, quite the opposite. Propelled by emerging activist generations who demand better global outcomes, not just better products, tech will be the driver of this change for years to come.

Using Tech to Keep It Simple

We love the simple ethos behind this collaboration - take some trash and make one sports shoe, then make 1m more from 11m plastic bottles and get more people to do it too. With the shocking statistic that one truck of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute time is up on taking responsibility to tackle this environmental issue and from this project alone we can see that the future is already looking very different.

Moving from consciousness to action using tech and innovative and sustainable new fabrics means that luxury and high performance does not need to always come at a price. Adidas made a smart move by launching this new innovation into their top range setting the bar for what recycled plastic can be used for - high performance sport and fashion are demanding industries but their smarts and knowledge of what sneakerheads are really looking for they have started a revolution from the feet up. We like. We like it a lot.


Cyril Gutsch founder of Parley for The Oceans and Erman Aykurt from Adidas talk about how they turn ocean waste into stylish sneakers

"What if we took some trash and made a sports shoe out of it, and then we made 1 million more, from 11 million plastic bottles. What if that was just the start, and what if everyone did that?"
Adidas & Parley


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