Real stories, from authentic women creating innovations in tech, science, fashion, health and more. Find inspiration for your next career move in tech

This is fashion but not as you know it. We showcase the fashion pioneers that are supercharging your shopping habits, organising your closet, creating super stylish fabrics out of spider silk and leather made in a lab. This is what happens when fashion meets tech - take a look.

Fashion Tech

From the buds that you pop into your ears to the way music is being made - there is no area of music that tech does not power. You will know most of the latest innovations but some of them might just surprise you - take a little look at the people shaking up the industry

In case you hadn't noticed there is a beauty revolution going on and most of it is being powered by science and tech. Latest beauty innovations include apps to die for, science that is bringing beauty products into the future and algorithms that know more about beauty than we do. Think that isn't possible - take a look into the beauty brands of the future

Beauty Tech

One of our favourite sectors by far. It makes us want to be better people and dream about creating a brighter more amazing world with tech. Some of the companies and people we are going to show you here are just like you. They just took tech to the next level and made it a game changer - take a peek at what you could be capable of

Tech for Good

If you thought choosing a career in health, whatever area, was not going to be impacted by tech then do a double take and think again. You may be forgiven for thinking not much has changed but behind the scenes there has been a digital health revolution and innovative businesses are tackling everything from diagnosis and patient care to surgery and rehabilitation - take a little look into the digital health of the future

Health Tech

We know - it's not the most catchy title but it is far from boring. It is not just the green stuff (money) that interests us but the smart people behind the tech who are making money management more simple. They are clever and we like them - we think you will too

It's about time. Time that advances in tech focused on an area that is very close to our hearts. With innovations that focus on fertility and menstruation through to innovative tech built to tackle female cancers. There are female led innovative businesses disrupting this space using everything from machine learning to data and AI. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Tipped to be the next big thing in tech we are excited to see where Augmented Reality will go to next as the race is on for creative companies to seriously blow our mind and alter our lives. How we shop, live and experience everyday things is about to change dramatically and you need to be part of it

Everyone talks about there not being enough women in tech - of course there are not enough. But does that mean there are no women in tech to shout about, to celebrate, to cheer with and to showcase? Not at all. So lets not talk about what we don't have and focus all our energy on what we do have - amazing women building innovative tech in every sector. Enough said. Just take a peek

Tech Entrepreneurs

We knew this would grab your attention - food makes us happy, brings us together and connects communities. It is the thing that we need to survive and thrive and it is tech that is now making that possible for people worldwide. From food sharing apps that feed the homeless to a new wave of community based vertical food farms bringing organic local and powered by tech. It is the sharing economy on steroids and it makes our hearts sing - take a look at the food tech in your mobile and right under your nose

Food Tech

Although it has been around for years Virtual Reality is only now seriously shaking up innovation in every sector. From how we experience journalism to health rehabilitation and education, its ability to bring situations from the past present and future to life is limitless. We don't think we have even scratched the surface of this particular tech innovation and most exciting of all are some of the women shaping the sector. Get to know who they are here.

Virtual Reality

Oh my. This could have been a website all on its own. Tech being used for good, to raise consciousness, to shift perspectives and to hold people and nations accountable. These are the women using tech to influence change and tackle causes and issues from #periodpoverty to politics and equality. Their voices are amplified by tech and their influence spans the globe. The best bit - they are just like you.

Digital Activisits

It is something of beauty isn't it. That moment of collision - be it hearts, stars or our particular favourite, brands. Tech makes these colabs even more special and allows companies to take their influence wider - to a place where it really mattters. Think saving the planet and reducing plastic pollution. For us this is what makes tech great - no tech for the sake of tech for us. Give us meaning over money any day - see what some of your favourite brands are up to

Tech Colabs

Want to learn on the go 24/7 on your phones, tablets and desktops - no problem. The advances in Ed tech gives us access to experts from every field from anywhere in the world and it is delivered via AI, VR and AR. Our learning is now agile and this is set to disrupt education as we know it. Thought you had to stay in the classroom to propel your skills forward? Think again and take a step into our virtual classroom to take a look

It took us a while to get our heads around this one but now that we have - we want more. Who knew that farming and agriculture were having their own little quiet revolution but with a huge impact. From the way we farm to how we distribute and grow our food there seems to be no limits to the innovation being designed by tech. Take a closer look at a farm near you - more science less tractors

Ag Tech

We have to admit this one fascinates us and it is not just the tech. It is the fact that the tech produces something amazing on the spot and not just the frivolous things of beauty but tech and machines that are printing limbs for amputees, homes in some of the poorest cities and orthotics for children with disabilities. We have moved on so much and right now there are no limits for the impact this tech can have

3D Printing

If you are reading this in a warm home with your lights on and have just made yourself a cup of coffee then you are lucky - there will be some people around the globe who don't have that access to energy. Thankfully there are companies who are tackling this head on aswell as making sure we get the best deal that we can. From mini solar powered devices from Little Sun to consumer driven energy retailers take a look at the tech that are powering energy equality

Where would we be without them - those little icons that have become such an essential part of how we work, sleep, play and communicate. There are millions of those pesky apps but for the most part they have brought about some seriously good changes in our lifestyles. We come out in a cold sweat when we think of not having them and the level of innovation doesn't seem to be slowing down - there are some pretty cools people building them too - take a look


Audio. Voice. Whatever you want to call it - it is our new favourite medium from which to interact with tech and most of all people. Since smart tech like Amazon Alexa and Google Home catapulted into our lives and our homes there have been some clever people who have taken their tech prowess directly into those little devices and they are building some amazing businesses on the back of it. Take a look at the pioneers in this field and expect so much more

We are not sure of how many favourites we have but forgive us - this one is pretty spectacular. Ok - it might not be the most sexy title but just peel back the curtain on the companies innovating in this space and we dare you not to be impressed. From the bio tech business creating man made spider silk to create futuristic fabrics to the foodies on a mission to make meat purely from science. It is ok if it blows you mind temporarily - once you come back down to earth take a little look at the companies you could be working with

Bio Tech

You might be wondering where all of this innovation has come from. Well some of them just have pioneers at the helm who have believed they could and did - others will have similar smarts at the helm but have also been developed in an accelerator. These innovation pods bring businesses and ideas to life and we don't want you to miss out on their potential because you just might have that seed of an idea that they could nurture


Cyril Gutsch founder of Parley for The Oceans and Erman Aykurt from Adidas talk about how they turn ocean waste into stylish sneakers


Taking spider silk from the lab to the runway - take a look at Bolt Threads the new biotech company creating the future of fabrics with science and tech


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