Designing a new way to attract, engage and advance diverse talent


This might not fit the usual narrative for a company who desire to see more women in tech, or indeed any industry where true diversity is still yet to be achieved.

That, our lovely friends, is because we feel the time is right to tell you a new story. A story that is not expected. A story that holds magic. A story that is more relevant for the world of tomorrow. Why?

Because, we, like you are not one dimensional. We are artists, activists, creators, makers, dreamers and more, sometimes all at once. If we love fashion, that does not mean we cannot love tech, and if we love tech that does not make us nerds unless, that is what we want to be.

Our love of tech, or even life itself, does not need labels or stereotypes because mostly, we are just finding our way and fitting to someone else’s expectations of us will not allow us to be our authentic selves.


So why are we starting with tech?

Tech is developing at a pace that the world has never seen and our job? To help you to embrace the digital landscape with an open mind and a willingness to jump on in.

We are not an average recruitment company who just want to hire you – our mission is to inspire you, and not just about your career but your life. We want to know who you want to be, and our aim is to do that in a number of ways.

Be Inspired

The stories that you will read, watch or listen to here, are about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Are they always building the tech, programming the tech or coding? No, not all of them but absolutely some of them are tech makers and creators.

Did not being a ‘techie’ stop anyone of them from creating an amazing product or business? Absolutely not. Did being a ‘techie’ strop them from being artistic, creative problem solvers? Absolutely not.

So, there is the evidence - ‘techie’ or ‘non-techie’, we are not so one dimensional that we cannot be many wonderful things, sometimes all at one time, and make something amazing that will change us and might just change the world.

So, what changed for them? They simply looked at tech as a powerful vehicle for building something amazing. For others it was a platform to digitally tell their real, gritty story or sell their brilliant products on a wider platform.

For all – tech, in some way, however small, played a key part in growing their businesses and careers or completely change their lives and it has been a source of strength and a game changer.


What we are NOT here to do

We are not here to tell you that you need to be a woman in tech. We are here to help you see the magic of tech in ways that you will not have been before. Through stories of persistence, resilience, failure and downright determination from women and men who are building our future world.

After we have done that – we will support you, your choices and your right to be unapologetically whoever you want to be, because when we have done that, we will have connected you to something more than just a career choice.

We will have helped you to see just what you are capable of and how your strengths and skills fit into the fabulous, magical, vibrant world of work that we see before and ahead of us.

All we ask? Is that you are curious and open and we will present stories and opportunities for you that might just change your life.